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Welcome to the new Healthy, Wealthy and Wise website on Fairfield on the Web. Health tips, real-life experience, ground breaking medical research, and a host of supporting videos and testimonies from around the globe.

In development the focus here is Cancer, all other categories to be added as the site grows. Since the author (myself) has Colon Cancer I am sharing my experiences as I go. I have heard everything and I am trying everything. I will post everything I hear, just as it comes in. That doesn't mean that it is totally proven with clinical trials and supported by doctors.

Newest Development! Immune cell which kills most cancers discovered by accident by British scientists in major breakthrough


Ground-breaking technology in Cancer treatments.

Kangen Water (alkaline water You Tube Video

Can we eat to starve cancer?  You Tube Video

List of Cancer Foods to starve Cancer:

Blueberries, oranges, apples, grapefruit, lemons, apples, pinapples, cherries, red grapes, red wine, bok choy, kale, soybeans, ginseng, maitake mushrooms, licorice. tumeric, nutmeg, artichokes, lavender, pumpkin, sea cucumber, tuna, bitter melon, tuna, parsely and garlic.

Foods that have been proven to help with tumors:

Watermelon, mangoes, nuts, turmeric, cinnamon, broccoli, alkaline water.
Ten common myths about cancer
Sugar and Cancer

Does sugar “feed” cancer cells?

Let's face it sugar feeds every cell including cancer cells.

Now they are saying the sugar causes weight gain and that causes cancer.

Avoid sugar? Experts are saying to exercise instead.

Mayo Clinic Debunks the Sugar relation to Cancer?

American Anti Cancer  founder Bob Wright New Cancer Cure
My own cancer and cancer survival video
Dr. Horst Filtzer talks Kangen water for health problems

Werner Elmker-Big Ben

The Uneasy Squeezy

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